Jinning Li


Personal Information

I'm a junior undergraduate student major in Computer Science at ACM Honored Class, Zhiyuan College, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.



  • C
  • Java
  • C++
  • HTML
  • Python
  • Javascript

Research Interest

  • Data Mining
  • Computer Vision
  • Deep Learning
  • Social Network


DANCINGLINES: An Analytical Scheme to Depict Cross-Platform Event Popularity (Under Reviewing)

[Abstract]Tianxiang Gao, Weiming Bao, Jinning Li, Xiaofeng Gao, Boyuan Kong, Yan Tang, Guihai Chen, Xuan Li. DancingLines: An Analytical Scheme to Depict Cross-Platform Event Popularity. Submission to ICDE, 2018.

LINE ARTIST: A Multi-style Sketch to Painting Synthesis Scheme (Under Reviewing)

[Abstract]Jinning Li and Siqi Liu, Mengyao Cao. LINE ARTIST: A Multi-style Sketch to Painting Synthesis Scheme. Submission to ECCV, 2018.


Compiler 2017


May. 2017

A compiler written in Java for the compiler course. The source language is a mixture of C and Java. The target is x86 assembly.

Text Classification


Mar. 2017

[Report] A course work in CS420: Text Classification using Linear Regularized Regression Method. Using Jieba word parsing and efficient feature selecting algorithm.

Ray Tracer


Jun. 2016

[Demo Output] A C++ program to operate Ray Tracing on a 3D model and output a 2D picture.

A simple CPU


Apr. 2017

[Report(CHS)]A course work in Computer Architecture. It's a CPU with five assembly line in Verilog language. And It ran successfully in FPGA.

MIPS Simulator


Jul. 2016

A C++ program to simulate MIPS assembly code and give the result, with virtual CPU, Register, RAM and ROM.

Text Compressor


Aug. 2016

A efficient C++ program to compress text by about 50%, using Huffman Tree and Word Reduce algorithm.

Item Recommendation


Apr. 2017

[Report] A course work in CS420: A Item Recommendation System using machine learning method. Factorization machines, MCMC sampling and ensemble algorithm are adopted.

Teaching Experience

C++ Programming

Teaching Fellow at Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Fall 2016

  • * Design homework and test to help students master the basic idea of C++ programming.
  • * Give a lecture on dynamic programming [slide].
  • * Give a lecture to help students do reviewing [slide].

Research Experience


Data Mining, Social Network, Time Series Analysis, Neural Network

Advisors: Prof.XiaofengGao

Summer 2017 ~ Present

Cross-Platform Event Popularity Analysis

Designing a universal scheme analyzing event popularity on Weibo and Baidu platform. It contains a semantic-aware popularity model and a TextRank algorithm with a word selection process. Then using a efficient time alignment model to interpret and predict event popularity trends.

Data Extraction and Analysis on WeChat

Extraction, classification and Analysis of a enormous dataset on the official accounts of WeChat platform. Using statistics, network, and machine learning algorithms.


The Level A Academic Excellence Scholarship

Summer 2017

Zhiyuan College Honored Scholarship

Summer 2017

2017 Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications

Spring 2017

Meritorious Winner
[Paper] Modeling the Process of Airport Security : Modification and Evaluation

The OutStanding Award of Student Union

Spring 2017

2016 Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications

Spring 2016

Honorable Mentions
[Paper] Bath Model Based on Heat Transfer Model and Analytic Hierarchy Process

Dongrun-Yau Science Award

Summer 2015

First Prize(Regional Contest), Successfully Participation(World Final)

The 7th Certificate Authority Cup of MCM

Spring 2015

Outstanding Winner

Education Background

Shanghai Jiao Tong University - Shanghai, China

Sep. 2015 ~ Present

Major: Computer Science (ACM Class)
Minor: Finance
GPA: 3.7/4.2
Average Score: 86/100
Comprehensive Ranking: 2/25 (Sep.2015 ~ Sep.2016)

Jinning Li — lijinning@sjtu.edu.cn www.jinningli.cn +86 176-2178-2336