DANCINGLINES, An Analytical Scheme to Depict Cross-Platform Event Popularity


Nowadays, events usually burst and are propagated online through multiple modern media like social networks and search engines. There exists various research discussing the event dissemination trends on individual medium, while few studies focus on event popularity analysis from a cross-platform perspective. Challenges come from the vast diversity of events and media, limited access to aligned datasets across different media and the great deal of noise in the datasets.

In this paper, we design DancingLines, an innovative scheme that captures and quantitatively analyzes event popularity between pairwise text media. It contains two models: TF-SW, a semantic-aware popularity quantification model, based on an integrated weight coefficient leveraging Word2Vec and TextRank; and wDTW-CD, a pairwise event popularity time series alignment model matching different event phases adapted from Dynamic Time Warping. We also propose three metrics to interpret event popularity trends between pairwise social platforms.

Experimental results on eighteen real-world event datasets from an influential social network and a popular search engine validate the effectiveness and applicability of our scheme. DancingLines is demonstrated to possess broad application potentials for discovering knowledge of various aspects related to events and different media.


Tianxiang Gao, Weiming Bao, Jinning Li, Xiaofeng Gao, Boyuan Kong, Yan Tang, Guihai Chen, Xuan Li. DancingLines: An Analytical Scheme to Depict Cross-Platform Event Popularity. International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA), 2018, 2018.

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